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Luxurious Lip Balms at Everything Shea

luxurious shea butter lip balms at Everything Shea Aromatic Creations

Handmade from scratch natural lip balms are loaded with shea butter, skin-loving cocoa butter, meadowfoam seed and sesame seed oils. Each ingredient has been added to create a natural, moisturizing barrier to protect your lips from harsh indoor/outdoor conditions that you can't always control. Low humidity? High altitude? Harsh sunlight? Salt air? Windswept plains? No problem for your lips if you're using a luxurious lip balm from Everything Shea. Fact is, your lips can't sweat like your skin does so that's why a proper formulation is so important. Please remember that even though these lip balms are flavored naturally, continuous licking of your lips defeats the purpose of your lip balm! Pictured above is the Java Kisses lip balm. Just in ~ Maraschino Cherry!

Available in the following delicious flavors:

Unscented - For those of you who have very sensitive lips or don't like to taste/smell your lip balm! Contains no sweetener. Can also be used as a cutilce cream and salve for minor cuts, burns and scrapes on your skin! Almond Delight - A full, rich medly of almonds. Similar to marzipan. Sweetly almondy nutty!
*Apples 'n Cinnamon - What could be more wonderful than this blend of pure spicy cinnamon oil mixed with the sweet and tangy aroma of apples?
Candy Kisses! - A carnival of fruity notes such as peach and banana and the wondrous scent of cotton candy to sweeten your lips.
Chardonnay - Why not taste and smell white wine minus the alcohol? This is a fruity floral blend.
Chocolate - Chocolate is the pefect lip balm flavor for chocoholics! Contains dark chocolate.
Chocolate-Mint - Chocolate plus peppermint essential oil. Your lips will tingle and after they've calmed down you'll taste and smell the chocolate. *Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil - Not recommended for sensitive lips, this pure Indian cinnamon bark essential oil is a 100% natural flavor that's spicy and warm. [pure essential oil]
Coconut - Images of endless sandy beaches and coconut palms waving on the shoreline. Organic virgin coconut oil has been added to enhance the tropical scent.
French Vanilla - A sophisticated, somewhat subtle vanilla.
Georgia Peach - Imagine applying a fresh Georgia peach to your lips and being able to smell it for hours!
*Grapefruit Essential Oil - Pure invigorating Israeli grapefruit essential oil is naturally sweet, tangy and stimulating.
Green Apple - Do you like Granny Smith apples? If so, this tart and sweet lip balm flavor is just for you. NEW!
*Java Kisses! - Love coffee? This is a fantastic blend of real coffee oil mixed in soybean oil that smells like freshly roasted coffee beans. Does NOT contain caffeine.
Lemon Coconut [Tropical Twist] - Tart lemon mixed with tropical coconut -- simply delicious!
NEW! Maraschino Cherry - A very realistic impersonation of the beloved maraschino cherry with a sweetness kissed with almond flavor that makes this a beloved aroma/flavor that will make you smile!
Mochaccino - A must have for mocha coffee lovers.
*Orange Essential Oil - While most citrus oils are phototoxic [meaning they can increase sun sensitivity], the Valencia five-fold orange essential oil used in this lip balm is skin and lip safe. [pure essential oil]
Orange-Vanilla - A more perfect combination of rich vanilla and citrusy orange can't be found. It's just like one of those orange popsicles filled with luscious vanilla ice cream.
*Peppermint Essential Oil - Like the scent of a candy cane, this peppermint essential oil will cause your lips to tingle and cool off! Perfect for after a workout. Not perfect if you have highly sensitive lips. [pure essential oil]
Strawberry - Real, ripe strawberry fields can be imagined when you apply this lovely strawberry lip balm.
Raspberry Lemonade - Like fresh raspberries poured into an icy glass of homemade lemonade!
*Tempting Tangerine Overdrive - Real Brazilian tangerine essential oil makes this a must have for those of you who love citrus flavors.
Watermelon - Sweet combined with tangy make this a realistic watermelon that will remind you of hot August days.  

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Luxurious Lip Balm $7.95

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Luxurious Lip Balm Ingredients:

Meadowfoam Seed Oil - Moisturizing and revitalizing to dry, cracked lips. Grown in Oregon, this wildflower provides a lovely oil that is high in vitamin E and also has the ability to extend the life of the other oils and butters added to the lip balm.
Sesame Seed Oil [Refined] - Having been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, sesame oil is outstanding for keeping your lips soft and supple. Sesame seed oil contains a small amount of natural sunscreen.
Shea Butter - This naturally creamy texture is apparent in the finished product. Shea butter is an excellent skin conditioner and is high in vitamins A and E. NEW! Only Virgin Shea Supreme Butter is used!
Cocoa Butter - An outstanding nut fat which is extracted from the cocoa bean, cocoa butter has been a main ingredient in many skin care products due to its skin softening and healing abilities. Cocoa butter adds a touch of firmness to the lip balms.
Coffee Butter - Contains Coffea Arabica seed oil, which is extracted from the coffee bean and dispersed into a hydrogenated soybean oil base. It doesn't contain caffeine.
Unsweetened Chocolate - [In Chocolate-Mint and Chocolate Lip Balms Only] Natural chocolate adds flavor and color to the lip balms.
Beeswax - Naturally filtered white beeswax and yellow beeswax holds these lovely lip soothing ingredients together and also acts as a moisturizer.
Vitamin E - This antioxidant helps prevent scarring and is good for all skin types.
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil [In Luxurious Coconut Lip Balm Only] Helps keep your lips soft and moisturized.
Certified Organic Agave Nectar - Similar to honey, yet from the Mexican agave [cactus] plant, this sweetener improves the flavor of the scented lip balms offered at Everything Shea. [not available in the unscented lip balm].
Pure Essential Oils - All natural cosmetic grade scents for your lips.
Safe Flavor Oils - Cosmetic grade scents for your lips. Lip balms are packaged in a clear double wall plastic 1/4 oz. [7 g.] container.

Lip Balm Applicators! Hesitant about using a jar of lip balm? Do you have long fingernails? Do you dislike the idea of applying lip balm with your fingertips? Are you afraid of contacting/spreading germs? Your problems are over! Now you can apply your Everything Shea luxurious shea butter lip balm in style -- and safety. These small wooden applicators are 2 1/2" x 3/8" x 1/12". Always free with every purchase of Luxurious natural shea butter lip balm from Everything Shea Aromatic Creations.  

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