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Shea Butter at Everything Shea

What Is Shea And Why Is It Everything?

Shea butter comes from the nuts of the shea tree [also known as the karite tree] which grows wild in Central and Western Africa. This nut fat is high vitamins A and E and minerals. Shea butter is used as a skin soother, cuticle softener, makeup remover and hair conditioner. If you have a small cut or burn, immediately apply soothing shea butter to it. Shea butter also helps alleviate sunburn pain.

ultra refined shea butter at Everything Shea Aromatic Creations

Pictured here is the Ultra Refined Shea Butter from Ghana to show you just how creamy, white and smooth this wonderful substance is. NOT solvent extracted, the shea butter has been hand crushed and processed with high pressure steam, making it all natural. This lovely product is also available in 40+ different scents! Not enough? Get it Customized!

For those of you with dry skin, shea butter may be the most naturally moisturizing product you will ever use. Unscented and uncolored shea butter is recommended for those of you who have sensitive skin. Also, this cold-processed [meaning it has not been solvent extracted] shea butter is about as natural as a refined shea butter gets. You'll notice this when you apply it as it's nongreasy. When added to soap, the lather becomes much more luxurious due to the superfatting that shea butter provides. To fully appreciate the benefits of shea, applying it directly to the skin will result in noticeable softness after it's been absorbed, a condition that lasts for up to 24 hours. Note: Shea butter isn't recommended for people who are allergic to latex or nuts. Read more about shea butter!

virgin shea supreme butter everything shea aromatic creations

Virgin Shea Supreme Butter ~ Limited production shea butter uses only the highest quality hand selected shea nuts which yields a butter that is grayish brown in color, with a distinctive nutty aroma. Virgin Shea Supreme Butter is unrefined, unfiltered shea butter imported direct from Ghana. 2 oz. $12.95

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kpangnan golden shea butter at Everything Shea Aromatic Creations

Kpangnan (Golden Shea) Butter ~ pronounced pie-nya. From the kernels of the African Butter tree, Pentadesma butyracea, which grows in the rainforests of Togo which is located on the west coast of Africa. (Unlike shea butter, Butyrospermum parkii, which thrives in the savannahs). Kpangnan is much yellower and the texture is firm but the feeling is quite powdery and silky. Even more moisturizing than shea butter, kpangnan has an earthy aroma that remains for only a few minutes after application. Kpangnan also has a slight warming effect on the skin when applied. Watch for a new line of products containing Kpangnan butter, which is also referred to as African Tallow, but is VEGAN FRIENDLY! 2 oz. $13.95

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Ultra Refined Shea Butter ~ 2 oz. size $10.95

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Ultra Refined Shea Butter ~ 4 oz. size $19.95

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Scented Ultra Refined Shea Butter ~ 2 oz. size $13.95
Awesome Almond and Banana Creme Supreme!

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Scented Ultra Refined Shea Butter ~ 4 oz. size $22.95
NEW SCENTS! Awesome Almond and Banana Creme Supreme!

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Caring For Your Shea Butter ~ Packaged in heavy walled plastic jars, shea butter has a shelf life of approximately one year. If you live in a warm, humid climate, make sure you keep your shea butter in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration can be helpful. Otherwise, please keep the lid on the container tightly sealed and keep shea away from direct sunlight, radiators, stoves/ovens, and the inside of your vehicle during warm/hot weather. 

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