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Baby Celebrations at Everything Shea

Baby Your Skin with BABY CELEBRATIONS, a line of super gentle products safe enough for most babies, vegans, or people with skin sensitivities/allergies. Baby your skin, no matter if you're 0 or 100! Baby Celebrations features the mildest formulations for your skincare needs. Made with pure essential oils, safe cosmetic grade fragrance oils, or left unscented, you can be assured that variety and safety meet here at Everything Shea Aromatic Creations. Keep in mind that children under the age of six [6] months should be using unscented products. When in doubt, always order an unscented product.

Baby Celebrations Glycerin Soap - If you're looking for gentle plant-based glycerin soap for your baby [or someone with sensitive skin], then here you go! Loaded with natural shea butter. Read more here...

Baby Celebrations Triple Milk Glycerin Soap - This soap is not only loaded with natural shea butter, but with THREE [3] different kinds of milk! You'll get a milky protein rich soap filled with Coconut Milk, Buttermilk and Goat's Milk! Not a vegan product. Read more here...

Baby Celebrations Shea Butter Balm - Keep soft skin even softer and help dry or damaged skin look and feel a whole lot better! Handmade from scratch, this balm contains ingredients that have been carefully formulated for their effectiveness. Read more here...

Baby Celebrations Baby Oil - Why not use natural vegetable based plant oils on your baby's delicate skin? Or on your sensitive skin? Isn't it refreshing to know that the all natural sesame seed oil has been used over in India for thousands of years? Sesame seed oil keeps skin soft and supple and free from diaper rash. Read more here...

Baby Celebrations Sampler - This is a great opportunity to try the Baby Celebrations product line. Read more here...

Baby Celebrations Scent Descriptions - Learn more about the scents offered for some of the products in this exclusive line of natural baby products!

Baby Buttermilk - This is a gorgeous and delicate clean baby scent. It's not a true baby powder scent since it's softer and creamier! Outstanding in the Triple Milk soap!
Baby Grace [Philosophy Type] - Soft notes of powdery, feminine poppy, green accord, sweet pink mimosa, pepper, creamy white woods and musk.
Lavender essential oil - A relaxing floral aroma that is good for all skin types. The quintessential stress buster!
Mango & Mandarin - This is a sweet and lively fruity blend of mango fragrance and pure Red Mandarin essential oil from Italy which is known for the citrus/floral combination found nowhere else.
Monoi de Tahiti - Tahitian Tiare flowers are blended with coconut oil to create this lovely floral scent -- an aromatic gardenia native to the island of Tahiti. The Tiare flower smells like gardenia. Visit the Coconut Butter page to purchase straight Monoi de Tahiti oil.
Roman Chamomile essential oil - This versatile essential oil is safe enough for children and adults alike. However, if you're allergic to ragweed then you should stay away from any type of Chamomile. Relaxing Roman Chamomile can assist in soothing inflamed joints.

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