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Aromas at Everything Shea
Aromas are almost everything at Everything Shea Aromatic Creations! Years of research has led me to believe that using pure essential aromatherapy oils and natural fragrances allow for the best handcrafted soap and other bath & body products that are good for you, plus remain naturally aromatic. The photo on your right shows only a tiny selection of fragrances that are used and most of them are stored in glass or glass-lined bottles. [The plastic bottles are new and get transferred to glass.]

If you don't see what you want in the list below, then please visit the Customize section where you will see all the scents listed by category. You can order custom scented soap, Whipped Shea Butter, or ultra-refined shea butter as I have 400+ fragrances, including duplicates of Armani, Bath & Body Works, Bvlgari, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Givenchy, Guerlain, Philosophy, Vera Wang, Victoria's Secret, and Yankee types as well as other designer dupes. I also have an extensive collection of fragrances and pure essential oils. View the fragrance list to see what is here. Neee more information? Just send an e-mail, and put Customize in the subject heading.

NEW! *Aloe Vera & Tea Tree ~ Smells just like Australian tea tree essential oil since that's the only "aroma" you'll encounter. Aloe vera gel has been added, but that has no odor. [Soap Only]

Amour de Cacao Comptoir Sud Pacifique Type ~ An amazing blend of aphrodisiac cocoa bean with passionately warm, unsweetened dark chocolate, touches of vanilla and a wonderful warm sweet orange scent completes this dessert lovers 0 calorie dream. Visit the Amour de Cacao Whipped Shea Butter page.

Angel Type ~ This unparalleled combination of sweet notes like caramel, chocolate and vanilla, tempered with patchouli and sandalwood with a fruity range of mid-notes that make this fragrance a necessary accessory for your body. If you adore the aroma of Thierry Mugler's Angel perfume, then this is for you! Visit the Angel Type Whipped Shea Butter page.

Apple-Mint ~ Discover a delicious and tantalizing blend of sweet clover and cinnamon melted with fresh fruity and citrus notes of green apple and orange. [Soap Only!]

Applejack & Peel ~ Red apples intermingled with cinnamon and cloves for a scent that men adore. Actually, so do women and kids -- anyone who loves smelling something wonderfully warm and spicy. [Soap Only!]

Awesome Almond ~ The rich aroma of oven-toasted almonds is tempered with a creamy vanilla and a touch of amber. [Soap Only!]

Baby Grace Philosophy Type ~ Soft notes of powdery, feminine poppy, green accord, sweet pink mimosa, pepper, creamy white woods and musk. Recommended for babies of six months and above as it contains fragrance. Visit the Baby Grace Philosophy Type Whipped Shea Butter page.

Banana Creme Supreme ~ This is a fresh, just-ripened to perfection banana scent! Very realistic aroma, and the soap contains goat's milk for an appropriately creamy lather, along with both shea and kpangnan butters for luxury. Visit Banana Creme Supreme Whipped Shea Butter page.

Bay Rum Breeze ~ A fresh, clean, bracing breeze of rum, bay leaves, and spices mingled into a Caribbean blue bar of shea-filled soap. Visit the Bay Rum Breeze Whipped Shea Butter page.

Black Raspberry & Vanilla ~ Smells just like freshly picked raspberries swirled with farm fresh vanilla ice cream. [Soap only!]

Bridal Bouquet ~ The tantalizing aromas of such summery white florals like tuberose, honeysuckle, gardenia and jasmine make this a sweet yet sensuously scented soap. The shimmering white with a touch of sparky blue natural mica colorants make this a very unique looking bar of soap. Visit the Bridal Bouquet Whipped Shea Butter pages.

Cabernet Wine ~ Includes real red wine along with an authentic scent that will leave you feeling clean and refreshed. High in slightly astringent tannins, soap containing red wine also creates a more luxurious lather! Visit the Cabernet Wine Glycerin Soap page. [Soap only!]

China Musk ~ All musk fragrances are sensuous, but the added aromas of vanilla-like tonka beans, jasmine, distinctive hyacinth and lilies are a virtual celebration for your nose. Visit the China Musk Whipped Shea Butter page.

Chocolate Fudge Brownie ~ The scent of a rich chocolate fudge brownie looks and smells so real that you might want to take a bite -- please don't! Visit the Chocolate Fudge Brownie Whipped Shea Butter page.

Cinnamon ~ A warming soap filled with fragrant, warming cinnamon, including a touch of Indian Cinnamon Bark essential oil. Not recommended for facial use, on babies/young children, or those with sensitive skin. However, this soap can be used to make your drawers/closet smell like a cinnamon bun shop! [Soap Only!]

Coco Vanille ~ The Comptoir Sud Pacifique duplicate of a dreamlike scents: island vanilla, cocoa milk, heliotrope. Head Note: Héliotrope, banana cream Heart and Base Note: Coco milk, Island vanilla. Or you could just call this sweet and sexy! Visit the Coco Vanille Whipped Shea Butter page.

Coconut Fusion ~ Aromatic tropical coconut plus shredded coconut, coconut milk, extra virgin coconut butter, shea butter and the yummiest coconut tinged with pineapple fragrance I was fortunate enough to locate. No coloring has been added as the sheer number of healthy emolliating ingredients make this not just a luxurious bar, but a super luxurious soap! [Please note that the Coconut Fusion Whipped Shea Butter does NOT contain goat milk, coconut milk or shredded coconut!] Visit the Coconut Fusion Whipped Shea Butter and Luxurious Lip Balms pages.

Cranberry Spice ~ Tart cranberry with soft spice notes -- ginger, cinnamon, clove, and cardamom. A wonderful blend of terifically tart and true cranberry and holiday spices. Your perfect warming up soap for crispy, cold autumn days and nights. Visit the SoapCakes and Mini SoapCakes pages. [Soap Only!]

Cucumber & Chamomile ~ A happy, refreshing totally unisex combination of crisp and clean cucumber and relaxing chamomile. Contains real Roman chamomile essential oil. Visit the Cucumber & Chamomile Whipped Shea Butter page.

Dharamsala ~ An exotic medly of aromas associated with India such as: champa flowers, musk, amber, patchouli and sandalwood. The scent is named after the town where the Tibetan Government-in-Exile has established their headquarters. Visit the Dharamsala Whipped Shea Butter page.

Drakkar Type ~ Any guy will love this blend of spices, berries, amber, sandalwood and sexy citrus scents. Not just for father's day, this blend is great for any time of year! Visit the Drakkar Type Whipped Shea Butter page.

Ed's Cinnamint Ecstasy ~ A blend of pure American-grown peppermint essential oil blended with a realistic cinnamon fragrance. [Soap Only!]

Energy ~ An invigorating blend of grapefruit, lemon and lime, with touches of garden fresh cucumber, sensuous jasmine, traces of Hawaiian pineapple, summery blackberry and champagne! The perfect scent for man, woman or child. Visit the Energy Whipped Shea Butter page.

Exotic Egyptian Spice ~ Spice citrus notes intermingled with woody, spicy and musk scents to intoxicate your senses. For the scentually adventurous person in your life. [Soap Only!]

Flowerbomb [Viktor & Rolf type] ~ Romantic and volatile, this exclusive floral contains notes of bergamot, tea, peony, real jasmine, rose, freesia, orchid, peach, cedarwood, leather, patchouli, amber, musk and vanilla. The soap is double enriched with moisturzing shea butter and luxurious kpangnan butter. Visit Flowerbomb [Viktor & Rolf type] Whipped Shea Butter page.

Fracas Type ~ For the floral lovers amongst you. Jasmine, tuberose, calla lily, iris, lilac, fruity peach notes, rose oil, and a bit of foresty balsam and musk -- there is the perfect French word that summarizes this bountiful concoction of scents -- extraordinaire! This aroma is a duplicate of the expensive French perfume, Fracas. Visit the Fracas Type Whipped Shea Butter page.

Ganja ~ Instead of smoking a spliff [the Jamaican word for joint], you can smell just like one!!! This bright green bar with the familiar looking leaf doesn't contain any THC, so you are legal. It contains shea butter. You might want to consider purchasing this one for a joke type gift. Visit the Ganja Trio Gift Bag pages. [Soap Only!]

Ganja Fudge Brownie ~ Simply a marvelous impersonation of the brownies that people baked and sneakily added some ganja to in order not to smoke the stuff. The aromas of freshly baked brownies intertwined with authentic smelling ganja is perfectly matched with the realistic brown and green colors. Visit the Ganja Trio Gift Bag pages. [Soap Only!]

Ginger Fig ~ This exotic, fruity blend, contains lots of warm ginger along with lemon and orange leading to a warm middle of fig, plum, clover, and a touch of floral honeysuckle. Bottom notes of vanilla, sandalwood, and heliotrope add sweetness and staying power. A very rich, deep, complex fragrance. [Soap Only!]

Goat Milk & Honey ~ Loaded with real goats milk and raw honey, along with extra shea butter. Fragranced with a warm, amber tupelo honey aroma, this skin-loving, highly emollient soap with the creamy lather is a lavish addition to your skincare needs. [Soap Only!]

Good Karma Lush Type ~ A wonderful blend of patchouli, sweet orange, lavendin, pine, lemongrass and elemi, with notes of incense, amber and musk to warm it up. This is one heck of a sensual fragrance and ... it contains a few real essential oils! Visit the Good Karma Whipped Shea Butter pages.

*Grapefruit ~ Pure invigorating grapefruit essential oil real. Visit the Grapefruit Glycerin Soap and the Lip Balms pages for Grapefruit Essential Oil Lip Balm. *Pure essential oil.

Green Apple ~ Tart yet sweet, the crisp green apple aroma is similar to a Granny Smith apple. The pleasant scent is made available in shea butter. [Soap Only!]

Guava ~ Smell this amazingly sexy tropical fruity soap and you'll feel like you've been to Polynesia. The sexiness is emphasized in this scent due to the natural muskiness of the aroma. Visit the Guava Whipped Shea Butter pages.

NEW! Hey, Wake Up! ~ If you like the aroma of Clean type perfume, this is the one for you. [Soap only]

NEW! Hollywood Fruits, Nuts & Flakes ~ A beautiful blend of pure orange essential oil and pineapple fragrance. [Soap only!]

*Italian Lemon ~ Pure rejuvenating lemon essential oil that will last a long time as litsea cubeba [may chang] has been added to keep it strong and real. [Soap Only!] *Pure essential oils.

Jade Dragon ~ A lovely combination of bamboo extract, fruity tangerine, refreshing lemon and spiced up with ginger. [Soap Only!]

NEW! Juicy Couture ~ Fresh, modern fruity-floral that smells as good as its namesave. Visit the Whipped Shea Butter page.

Key West ~ A pure blend of natural lime, cedarwood and allspice essential oils, this wonderful spicy, citrusy bar of kpangnan and shea butter loaded soap is appropriate for anyone, and men in particular will like the aroma. [Soap Only!]

Kwan Yin ~ Deeply inhale the aroma of osmanthus, a flower that is used to scent Chinese tea and smells strongly of evergreen. An exotic aroma, it appeals equally to men and women. Visit the Kwan Yin Whipped Shea Butter pages.

*La Brea Tar Pits ~ This SPECIAL EDITION soap weighs a whopping 6.5 ounces and is filled with oatmeal, pure Bulgarian Lavender and Australian Tea Tree essential oils, along with extra shea butter. La Brea Tar Pits glycerin soap is uniquely shaped, a special mold is used, and is gently exfoliating due to the addition of whole rolled oats. This soap is recommended for those of you who garden, paint, fix your car, or are in the mood for a really super cleansing soap. It's named after those great big fenced in pits of tar located in Los Angeles, California. [Soap Only!]

*Lavender ~ Contains 100% natural Bulgarian essential oil from Bulgaria. This is recommended for people who wish to feel relaxed. Lavender oil is safe for all skin types. Visit Lavender Whipped Shea Butter pages. *Pure essential oil.

Lemon Coconut ~ An amazing scent of coconut mixed with fruity lemon, lemongrass, sandalwood, and sweet vanilla. Visit the Luxurious Lip Balms, Lemon Coconut Whipped Shea Butter and the SoapCakes pages.

NEW! *Lemongrass EO ~ Pure Guatemalan steam distilled lemongrass essential oil is antibacterial and can be used as a bug repellent. An effective cleansing and deodorizing soap, too. [Soap Only!]

*Lime Essential Oil ~ Contains pure therapeutic grade Lime essential oil from the Dominican Republic. The aroma is tart, tangy and, of course, citrusy! Lime is recommended for oily skin. Lime essential oil is steam distilled and is NOT photo toxic! *Pure essential oil. [Soap Only!]

Lotus Flower ~ The enticing aroma of lotus blossoms mixed with a sweet and subtle blend of water lily.

Malabar Peppercorn ~ Peppercorn has been named the "King of Spices" and Indians have been loving it for thousands of years. You will too, especially as this totally unique blend contains ginger, nutmeg, clary sage, juniper berries, sweet ylang ylang, woodsy notes, herbally cypress and winding down in the sensuous scent of musk. The ultimate male scent -- but gals will like it too! Not recommended for facial use. [Soap Only!]

Mango & Mandarin ~ This is a sweet and lively fruity blend of mango fragrance and pure Red Mandarin essential oil from Italy which is known for the citrus/floral combination found nowhere else. Visit the Mango & Mandarin Whipped Shea Butter pages.

Merlot Wine ~ A rich, full-bodied berry aroma with, you guessed it, real merlot wine added for those slightly astringent tannins that are good for your skin as is the bountiful lather. [Soap Only!]

Monoi de Tahiti ~ Tahitian Tiare flowers are blended with coconut oil to create this lovely floral scent -- an aromatic gardenia native to the island of Tahiti. The coconut oil is light brown in color due to the fact that the tiare petals are soaked in the coconut oil for two weeks. This soap contains genuine French Polynesian Monoi de Tahiti oil, along with shea butter. Visit the Monoi de Tahiti Oil, and the Monoi de Tahiti Whipped Shea Butter pages.

Nature's Milk ~ Loaded with buttermilk, goat’s milk, virgin shea supreme and cocoa butter! Nature’s Milk is scented with a new wholesome and delicate fragrance which is floral, powdery, creamy and fresh. There’s a hint of musk, and a slight vanilla almond cream base. Recommended for children of all ages! [Soap Only!]

Orange Blossom & Honey ~ A beautiful blending of neroli and orange blossom, for a white-floral fragrance with a bitter orange heart to increase its depth and complexity. Made with real California Orange Blossom honey for that extra skin loving ingredient. Visit the Orange Blossom Whipped Shea Butter and Orange Blossom Shea Butter pages.

Paloma Picasso Type ~ The Paloma Picasso signature fragrance radiates passion and intensity. A strong, rich medley of oakmoss, cedar and sandalwoods, citrus and bergamot, the scent is as passionate as its namesake. Visit the Paloma Picasso Type Whipped Shea Butter and Paloma Picasso Type Shea Butter pages.

Papaya Nectar ~ Imagine a ripe just-picked papaya fruit that is ready to eat and that's what this rendition of papaya is like -- true papaya! For fruit lovers, especially those who adore tropical fruit. Enhanced with top notes of grape, sweet orange and pineapple to make you believe you have left your location and journeyed to papaya heaven! Visit the Papaya Nectar Whipped Shea Butter pages.

*Patchouli & Orange ~ Earthy Indonesian patchouli essential oil is blended with five-fold [meaning it's five times as strong as your average orange oil] Spanish orange essential oil. Potent and true, this is popular with men, women, kids, grandparents...Visit the Patchouli & Orange Whipped Shea Butter pages. *Pure essential oils.

Peaches n Cream ~ This soap is sweet, tart, fruity scent of peach combined with the scent of just-poured cream. The soap contains extra shea and cocoa butters. Visit the Georgia Peach Collection Gift Bag page.

*Peppermint Confetti ~ American grown super peppermint that smells just like candy only this will make your feet and skin feel fresher than ever. Not recommended for facial use unless you have oily skin. Visit the Luxurious Lip Balms and Peppermint Whipped Shea Butter pages. *Pure essential oil. Also see the Peppermint Blizzard Gift Box!

Pheromone type ~ Pure seduction! An exciting blend of florals, woods, spices, essences of wine, expensive resins and herbs perfectly blended into a mixture that can inspire passionate responses from the opposite sex. For it to work, the scent must be used on the pulse points in your wrists and neck, so the Pheromone whipped shea butter and/or Pheromone scented shea butter are a welcome addition to your Pheromone Collection.

Pink Water Lily ~ Pink and pretty and a must for floral lovers. Not a strong floral, just feminine and perfect for any occasion! Due to popular demand, Pink Water Lily has been made a part of the Classic Soap Collection this spring! Visit the Pink Water Lily Whipped Shea Butter pages.

Plumeria ~ Soft, sweet, floral and tropical plumeria has the ability to warm and soothe your senses. This gorgeous aroma will make you think of warm, tropical climes! Visit the Plumeria Whipped Shea Butter pages.

Psychedelic Poppy Seeds ~ Mangos, melons, strawberries and other luscious fruits will greet your sniffer -- along with that ganja scent that you've come to expect. Visit the Ganja Trio Gift Bag pages. [Soap Only!]

Pumpkin Harvest ~ A warming soap filled with delectable notes of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, cardamom, and pimento leaf lend warmth to a green, balsamic heart. It gets even better with the sweetness of rich vanilla and luscious caramel. [Soap Only!]

Road to Morocco Rose ~ The smell of roses from Moroccan Rose absolute make this a super exotic smelling soap. Recommended for all rose lovers.

Sandalwood ~ Clearly a unisex favorite that includes real sandalwood from Indonesia. It's the perfect gift for someone into relaxing and mystical, sensuous aromas. Visit the Sandalwood Whipped Shea Butter pages.

Sandalwood-Vanilla ~ This is a sultry combination of two eternal fragrance favorites -- earthy sandalwood, evoking images of Far Eastern Buddhist temples, paired delightfully with the sweet, warm and comforting scent of vanilla. Visit the Sandalwood-Vanilla Whipped Shea Butter pages.

Sangria Wine ~ The fruitiest of all wine aromas due to the added essential oils of lime, orange and lemon. And the sangria smells pretty nice too! [Soap Only!]

Shalimar Type ~ Almost 100 years old, this classic perfume from the House of Guerlain is classified in the sophisticated Oriental category: rich, heavy, musky, amber, with base notes of vanilla. The aroma of Shalimar Type is distinctive, sexy and long lasting. Visit the Shalimar Type Whipped Shea Butter page.

NEW! Smell Like Elvis! ~ If you like the smell of classic Faberge Brut cologne, then this is the soap for you. [Soap only!]

Spring Lilacs ~ A strong, sweet and realistic smelling lilac. Like a profusely flowering shrub of lilacs in the midst of their fragrant and lovely colored bloom! Visit the Spring Lilacs Whipped Shea Butter pages.

Strawberry Kingdom ~ The sweetest, most candylike strawberry you'll ever smell!

*Tempting Tangerine Overdrive ~ Made with pure Brazilian tangerine essential oil. Not only is this super bar of soap high in added shea butter, but luxurious and ultra lathering kpangnan African Tallow present. Visit the Tempting Tangerine Overdrive Whipped Shea Butter pages. *Pure essential oil.

Valentine Wine ~ For your King OR Queen of Hearts, here's a rich, full-bodied berry aroma with real merlot wine added for those slightly astringent tannins that are good for your skin as is the bountiful lather.

Vaniglia del Madagascar ~ I Profumi di Firenze type Madagascar orchid and vanilla beans are mixed with amber background to warm and sweeten this marvelous scent even further. This tantalizing aroma is brought to you from one vanilla lover to another! Visit the Vaniglia del Madagascar Glycerin Soap and Vaniglia del Madagascar Whipped Shea Butter pages.

Vanilla Bean Speckles ~ This combination of vanilla features a special blend of my favorite scent. Not only is it richly vanilla-y, but it contains real ground vanilla beans, kpangnan and virgin shea supreme butters for a lovely bathing experience. Soap only

Very Berry Huckleberry ~ A very realistic impersonation of the sweetly tart huckleberries which thrive in the Pacific Northwest.

Yuzu [Japanese Grapefruit] ~ Yuzu is an expensive Japanese grapefruit with that distinct and refreshing aroma along with overtones of mandarin orange. It's the perfect harmonious scent for citrus lovers. Visit the Yuzu [Japanese Grapefruit] Whipped Shea Butter page.

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